War in the EU on Water Privatization

It is the privatization of water to be now in the EU viewfinder. This happened especially in Greece where attempts have been made to leverage the precarious economic situation to impose the liberalization of municipal water services in exchange for the anti-crisis aid package. Yet the same Community legislation on services sanctions the principle of non-interference in national water management modes. Italy still resists

EU Greenhouse Gas Scammers

Among the longest greenhouse gases we find fluorinated. Paints, air conditioners, refrigerants: these are the consumer goods whose production emits the notorious gas, so damaging to the health of the climate. Italy is in the EU viewfinder for failing to comply with the Community rules on fluorinated emissions

The Dirty Business of Carbon Credits

A carbon credit system, the one designed by the European community to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but which would actually even raise them. The scheme was so controversial that the European Union banned it in 2013. However, the prohibition has not been taken into account by some large multinationals, as long as it does not actually come into force

The Pipes War in the Caspian Sea

The “tubing” war in the Caspian Sea is approaching a turning point: Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan and Iran will try to agree on the breakdown of the energy resources of the seabed. Right in the pockets of European and Italian consumers. Today, Russian state monopoly Gazprom acquires Turkmenistan’s methane at 70 euros per thousand cubic meters and sells it back to over twice