Cold case: EU spending in Kosovo

It is still unclear what happened to the European funds allocated for post-conflict reconstruction of Kosovo. It is the funds that the European Commission gave to UNMIK, the special UN mission that politically and economically administered Kosovo from 2000 to 2008 until the independence from Serbia. This is a story where no one takes responsibility but where, on the other hand, the UN and the EU continue to laugh behind a rubber wall

Kosovo: The Independence Covers Up UN Frauds

From 1999 to today, 2% of reconstruction aid in Kosovo(3 billion euros, paid mainly by European taxpayers) has ended up in the pockets of UNMK officials and their Kosovar accomplices. An annual cost per office and staff of 300 million euros. Everything justified in the name of the “Balkan pax”. This is the budget of the UN bureaucratic machine. That leaves behind a miserable Kosovo and a long list of pending processes

Jihad Escalation in Post-Independence Kosovo

The threat of Islamic fundamentalism in Kosovo is no longer a secret. For a long time the Serbian authorities have been trying to convince the International Community that an independent Kosovo would become the bridgehead of Islamic fundamentalism in the Balkans. The most serious threat has been added recently: the proselytism of the infamous Salafites, the “purists” of the Qur’an, who preach their application to the letter through religious martyrdom