Congo: Inside the Mafia of Ores Smugglers

We are in Congo, on the border with Rwanda, in the Kivu province, battered by guerilla and US embargo on “bloody minerals”. Here, militias piloted by the infamous General Bosco Ntaganda recruited hordes of miners and merchants left without work to widen the network of illicit traffic of precious metals, but arriving on international markets through the legal circuit

Congo: the killing king of North Kivu

Power almost never does the right thing, but certainly always does the story. And that is the brutal story of Kivu, east of Congo. Here, a scum of rotten forces is devastating the territory with kidnapping, destruction of natural reserves and illicit trafficking of raw materials. The armed arm is Bosco Ntaganda, at the expense of Congolese President Kabila and Rwandan President Kagame. Many Congolese people wonder whether the international community has now resigned to Ntaganda’s laws

Congo: Raped Girls As Trophy of War

In Congo, rape is not just a sneaking war weapon in the ethnic clash between Tutsi, Hutu and Congolese. It is a real social plague: every month tens of girls militated by militiamen are banned from the community, the dishonored families dispel, the women who do not report violence not to end up on a road are destroyed by venereal diseases. The reeds are reduced to prostituting themselves to survive

Congo: Schoolchildren Turned into War Machines

It is in the schools that Congo boys and girls learn to hunt a Kalashnikov. According to Amnesty International’s latest report, released in October, 11,000 small soldiers are fighting in Congo. Before the summer, they were only 3,000. War is often a choice: orphans or poor children decide to arm arms spontaneously, for them it is the only way to survive

Congo, Nkunda hurts innocents. Mistery on MONUC’s no action

Massacre in Kiwanja, many children among over 50 victims. The executioner Nkunda seems to have responded to the government’s offensive in recent days, which had provisionally dropped him from some villages in the Rutshuru area. Shadows at the Nairobi Summit that yesterday brought together Ban Ki-moon, Congolese President and Rwanda President. The summit had ended with the new request for ceasing the fire

Mobile Phones Sponsor the Civil War in Congo

Coltan is such a precious mineral for mobile telephones as for the Congolese Democratic Grouping. The rebel militia manages to illegally resell the mineral, earning $ 1 million a month, then investing in the war against the government’s army. Today thousands of local peasants have been torn to their lands and forced by militias to extract precious coltan: what are the real ties between belligerents and telephone companies?