Azerbaijan: The Corrupted Resurrection of the Oil Eldorado

A 1,700-km steel serpent built by an international consortium costing 3 billion euros brings oil from Azerbaijan’s deposits to our gas stations becoming the safest source of supply for Europe in the last year. Feeling strong of its strategic role, Azerbaijan is battling the democratization promises made to international observers with the export of black gold, becoming the “small Caucasus Russia”

Azerbaijan: Journey Among the Forgotten War Refugees

Azerbaijan is not just a reserve of black gold, Azerbaijan is also a forgotten war on TVs and newspapers.In the land of Nagorno-Karabakh there are rough disagreements between the Armenian and Azerbaijani communities. A drama of men, women and children crushed among the scorns of a corrupt ruling class and an international community so far gagged by the geopolitical status quo between the US and Russia in the Caucasian chess