Zimbabwe: All Africa’s Colors

The image of an anti-Western nation and the international embargo linked to the political affairs of the last decade have made Zimbabwe a little-visited destination. But it will suffice to land on it and to ride around to realize that everyday life is very different from what transpires from media sensationalism. Here natural beauties combine with unparalleled modernity and civic sense in Africa

Mankind Craddle Turns into a Manmade Cemetary

From the Nairobi capital, we head to the landscape of another planet, inhabited by the last descendants of the legendary and now dying “Man’s Cradle.” Here the ecosystem has allowed ancestral tribes to live for centuries in the arid suburbs of the lake’s shore, considered one of the most hostile environments on Earth. The same tribes are now facing extinction. They are among the most vulnerable victims of famine which is destroying the Horn of Africa.

Jihad Escalation in Post-Independence Kosovo

The threat of Islamic fundamentalism in Kosovo is no longer a secret. For a long time the Serbian authorities have been trying to convince the International Community that an independent Kosovo would become the bridgehead of Islamic fundamentalism in the Balkans. The most serious threat has been added recently: the proselytism of the infamous Salafites, the “purists” of the Qur’an, who preach their application to the letter through religious martyrdom

La leggenda di “Redu”: quando i libri bastano a far rinascere una città

(Italiano) Redu,un paesetto, un luogo da fiaba di 400 abitanti circondato dalla quiete degli abeti e dalla neve in inverno, che vive e si nutre di sola letteratura. L’incredibile storia di questo piccolo tempio sacro della letteratura inizia verso la metà degli anni ’80 quando il sessantenne Noel Anselot, ex-giornalista e collezionista di manoscritti,la trasforma nella prima book-town della storia