Power without borders

How to tell about the tension between regions, nations and countries using visual language? How to show an international conflict, being not among the military and not on the squares surrounded by demonstrators, but being on the other side: among politicians and diplomats? Conflicts evolve and transform themselves thanks to technology, to the way modern people live, to globalization. What usually determines the future of millions of people are decisions made after exhausting negotiations, round tables, summits

Congo: Inside the Mafia of Ores Smugglers

We are in Congo, on the border with Rwanda, in the Kivu province, battered by guerilla and US embargo on “bloody minerals”. Here, militias piloted by the infamous General Bosco Ntaganda recruited hordes of miners and merchants left without work to widen the network of illicit traffic of precious metals, but arriving on international markets through the legal circuit

Congo: the killing king of North Kivu

Power almost never does the right thing, but certainly always does the story. And that is the brutal story of Kivu, east of Congo. Here, a scum of rotten forces is devastating the territory with kidnapping, destruction of natural reserves and illicit trafficking of raw materials. The armed arm is Bosco Ntaganda, at the expense of Congolese President Kabila and Rwandan President Kagame. Many Congolese people wonder whether the international community has now resigned to Ntaganda’s laws

Once Upon a Time, in Tibet

Tibet is on the verge of extinction. This is the real scenario of the 2008 Olympic Games. With a tourist visa, we have been able to discover the “Chineseization” of Tibet Autonomous Region. Tibetans do not even shade. Beijing forbids them to leave the country. There are so many harassment imposed by the Chinese government, as restrictions on births and exploitation of mineral deposits. Will the Olympic torch light up on all this?

Tibet: The Invisible Genocide

The restrictive rule on births is a solution to the containment of the demographic explosion in China but in fact a silent and slow genocide in Tibet. A legally unassailable strategy, conducted with a patient and cold systematicity.”Our population is gradually decreasing due to the limited birth rate, while Han’s ethnicity is steadily rising due to the influx of new settlers from China”

Italy Faces the Risk of Islamic Radicalization

Islamic infiltration accelerates in Italy and risks coping with criminal activities. According to Sisde’s latest report, the Sunni component is rapidly expanding its network in the central-northern area: Veneto, Lombardy, Piedmont, Emilia Romagna, Friuli and, above all, Marche. The Mosque of Fermo is accredited as a reference reality for the followers. The national meetings are the branching tools on the territory

Polonia, scandalo Wielgus

(Italiano) Il comunismo prima, il neo-populismo ora. Col nuovo sistema l’onere della prova e’ invertito: e’ l’accusato a dover esibire le prove della sua innocenza. Un meccanismo perverso congegnato per spaventare gli avversari politici, sedare l’opposizione, ammutolire i cittadini. Molti di loro hanno addirittura paura di discutere la questione in pubblico. L’attuale azione del governo è pericolosa perche’ scava nel passato per ragioni politiche, per eliminare i personaggi scomodi

Libano-ricostruzione di beirut

(Italiano) Un ultra-decennale programma di ricostruzione, esteso su oltre 191 ettari di terreno, che ha l’obiettivo di riportare il gioiello del Medio-Oriente ai suoi trascorsi fasti architettonici. Neanche l’ultimo conflitto tra Israele ed Hezbollah ha rallentato la tabella di marcia della ricostruzione. Il progetto ventennale sta andando avanti come prima. Le bombe non fermano mondanità, investimenti e turismo