Power without borders

How to tell about the tension between regions, nations and countries using visual language? How to show an international conflict, being not among the military and not on the squares surrounded by demonstrators, but being on the other side: among politicians and diplomats? Conflicts evolve and transform themselves thanks to technology, to the way modern people live, to globalization. What usually determines the future of millions of people are decisions made after exhausting negotiations, round tables, summits

Fiat 500 holds the diesel pollution record

A new independent report reveals how harmful emissions from diesel engines have yet to fall, despite increasingly strict European regulations, and promises from manufacturers to follow the rules. Some manufacturers optimise the more modern vehicles in order to pass the type approval test within a given temperature range (20-30°C) on a predefined test protocol, programming the NOx control systems in such a way that they are deactivated when used in actual driving conditions

Viaggio tra i Nenet, gli ultimi nomadi dell’Artico

(Italiano) Gli indigeni Nenet che vi abitano sin dall’alba dei tempi l’hanno battezzata Yamal, il confine del mondo. È il nome della penisola al confine tra Europa e Asia, protesa verso il Polo Nord, dove abbiamo deciso di condurre la spedizione inaugurale del progetto ArcticRounder. L’iniziativa è volta a documentare la bellezza dell’Artico e la crisi ambientale che ne minaccia gli ecosistemi e le popolazioni che, con essi, hanno stabilito una simbiosi millenaria

Excess Diesel Car Pollution Kills 5,000 Europeans per Year

Every year, around 5,000 people die prematurely in Europe due to NOx gas emissions from diesel cars that exceed the EU limits. This calculation comes from a new study by an international team of researchers. Excessive pollution is the result of the loopholes in the EU system for vehicles environmental surveillance. The Volkswagen scandal has shown that real road emissions are higher than those declared by manufacturers, far exceeding the legal values.

“Fishing” Climate Secrets from the Antarctic Sea

The Antarctic Sea is a key engine of the Earth’s climate. It triggers a continuous exchange between the polar cold and the excess heat of the most populated areas of the planet, thus keeping temperatures at levels that make life possible. Today global warming could compromise this global compensation process. We sailed to Antarctica with a team of scientists to find an answer to the question: Is this catastrophe really going to happen?

L’ultimo viaggio dell’Italica verso l’Antartide

(Italiano) Dal 1990, l’Italica ha permesso agli scienziati del programma antartico italiano di “pescare” i segreti del cambiamento climatico dai mari che circondano il continente più meridionale del pianeta. Dal 31 dicembre 2016 al 22 febbraio 2017, compie il suo ultimo viaggio verso il Polo Sud. Il rombo e lo stridio nella sala macchine che sgorga dal ventre dell’imbarcazione sono l’urlo di battaglia di questo microcosmo di uomini, donne e tecnologia che erra nella grandiosa desolazione del mare antartico

Air Pollution: The EU Gives Carte Blanche to the Steel Industry

Steel producers and the industry in general must comply with new EU emission limits as of 2016. But the steel giants, the second largest industrial polluters in Europe, watered down their obligations through lobbying. Introducing the most suitable technologies to clean up their dirty fumes is just an option, not a requirement. European citizens pay an estimated 60 billion Euro for medical emergencies and premature deaths associated to industrial emissions.

Pakistan: Slaves of Warlords, Slaves of Landords

In Pakistan the yoke of war and land intersect at every level. On the one hand, an aristocracy of landowners controls the majority of lands by slaughtering millions of small peasants. On the other hand the high spheres of the political-military establishment plunge the country into the status quo, overthrowing both the reform of land ownership and the pursuit of a definitive solution to terrorism. In all of this, the USA plays their part

EU Climate Scam Threatens Citizens Health

Zelzate is one of the villages closed in the industrial port of Gent, home to the second largest laminated steel mill in Europe, owned by Arcelor Mittal. This giant factory is the flame retardant of CO2, as well as fine dust, or particular matter (PM) responsible for health problems among young people. All this is due to a system of “emission falsity” aimed at harnessing the international emissions trading mechanism and maximizing profits

Africa’s Trees Against Climate Change: An Internet Fraud

And if you were told that you could fight climate change with a purchase on eBay? Clean Air Action Corporation, an American company set up an online store selling carbon credits. The money supposedly goes to indigenous peasants in Tanzania to persuade them to plant new trees that absorb C02. But locals no longer believe in the project. Exploited, they have stopped growing the trees, making more money through cutting them to resell the wood