Fake Shoes Made in Italy from Europe “Ghost State”

A “ghost state”, a separatist region of Moldova, Transnistria. It is precisely here that illegal footwear trade is taking place after the embargo against goods lacking the Moldovan official stamp. Having obtained the certificate of “made in Moldova” for their export, alleged shoe factories are able to circumvent the import quotas by falsely pointing to the label that the shoes they buy in China and resell in Europe are produced in Moldova

The EU Battle Against the Last Soviet Feud in the East

Transnistria represents the last Soviet fief on the planet. Igor Smirnov. Shortly due to the blockade of illegal exports imposed by Ukraine and Moldova, with EU support, President Smirnov has halted negotiations with Moldova and has announced for the coming September a referendum with which Transnistria will decide whether to remain part of Moldova or leave it permanently