Elections in Egypt: Democracy Vs geopolitics

In Egypt there is a glimpse of democracy in the elections intended to ensure a parliamentary renewal. For the first time, the opposition is seriously organized to gnaw a nice slice of votes at the government party, namely the National Democratic Party. The new popular movement “Kifaya” has given rise to a spontaneous protest against the Iraq war that unexpectedly turned into a mass revolt against the abuses and social disruption that stifled Egypt since independence in the ’52

Lebanon’s Elections: A Political Mess

The outcome of the elections in Lebanon is for some the first democratic turning point in the Middle East, for many it represents only the maintenance of well-established political immobility. Michel Aoun failed to drag the electorate with his program of renewal, inconvenient to the anti-Syrian opposition led by Muslim Saad Hariri, who ensured the majority in Parliament. Many shadows lie on the credibility of the future government