Antartide: come gli italiani “pescano” i segreti del clima dai mari più freddi del pianeta

Il Mare Antartico è un motore chiave del clima terrestre. Innesca uno scambio continuo tra freddo polare e caldo in eccesso delle aree più popolate del pianeta, mantenendo le temperature a livelli che rendano possibile la vita. Oggi il riscaldamento globale potrebbe compromettere questo processo di compensazione globale. Navighiamo in Antartide con un gruppo di scienziati per risolvere l’enigma: la catastrofe accadrà veramente?

Checking Glaciers Meltdown with Your Phone

Over the past 150 years the most dramatic glacial retreat. Three-quarters of Swiss glaciers will disappear over the next decades. No more excuses for tourists who love Grindelwald. From today, the “Jungfrau Climate Guide”, a pocketbook available also in the form of Iphone application, invites tourists to travel by train rather than by car and helps them see with their own eyes the tangible effects of climate change, capable of compromising the sustainability and attractiveness of the mountain

India: the Submerged People

Sardar Sarovar Dam: is the name of the largest in the thirty dams built in India as a reservoir for rainwater. The government should have ensured that all those living at the dam were provided with safe house and land to cultivate. The truth is that many villages have been flooded with water and many suspect that the real beneficiaries will be the large industrial complexes and elite tourist structures